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Professional Standards

Revelation Studios understands the means to be Professional in every way when it comes to the Tattoo and Body Piercing industry. We left the biker style tattoo parlor behind and fully revamped our shop to be modern, safe, and have a look and feel of today’s standards. We have industry leading technical and products within our shop and update frequently to make sure we are staying ahead of the curve and giving you the best experience we possibly can.

Sterile Safe Environment

Here at Revelation Studios we have nothing to hide, our shop is sterile, safe and clean. We wanted to give our customers that hospital/doctors office clean feel but with an updated art look mask. We encourage our customers to ask questions about your safety and ours. All our equipment is available for customers to take a look at and discuss with their artists, we are proud to show you our medical equipment and clean room as safety within this industry is a very important thing.

Quality at Affordable Prices

We believe here at Revelation Studios that giving customers a fair price is the correct way to do business. We see no future with our clients by charging a fortune and not caring if we see you again. Tattoos are addicting and most likely it’s not your last. With a fair price accompanied by an amazing piece of artwork we know you will seek us out for your next.

The industry is always changing, shops and artists need to change with it. Styles and practices are always being tweaked and reinvented to provide better results in your tattoos and piercings. Our artists are up to date on knowing what is and what isn’t the best for you as the customer. Knowing what will provide our customers with the BEST possible experience and outcome is what’s important to us, you are after all our walking canvas advertisements. Better work on you means more recognition for us, which in turn let’s us do more of what we love doing the most, our JOB.
The days of being intimidated by walking into your local tattoo shop should be over by now, but they are not. Revelation Studios believes tattoos and piercings are for everyone of all likes and kinds. We are here to be your guide on a journey of something special you are doing for yourself in the means of enhancing your body with something that is meaningful to you. We are not here to pressure you, make you feel unwanted or steer you down the wrong road. Everyone is equally important to us, its the artwork that matters, whether you have 50 tattoos or no tattoos it doesn’t matter to us, we are here to help you just the same, with respect and honesty.
We had to put this little section in, this is very important to us and should also be very important to you. We can’t advise future customers whether of ours or somewhere else to REALLY research where you are getting your tattoo done. We have seen an awfully big incline within the last year 2012-2013 with “Friend” tattoo wannabe’s, or “Basement” tattooers. We understand they may be friends, or a friend of a friend trusts these people, but we can’t advise people enough to really look into who is putting something on your body forever. If the artist doesn’t have a portfolio its for a reason, if the shop cant show you there sterilization equipment there is a reason for that also. If they aren’t working in a clean environment at a local known shop, yes, you got it, there is a reason. So please we ask you to be more mindful of who is doing your tattoo and to pass the word to invest time into finding out whose tattooing you, as they are putting something on you permanently that could make you have an investment of REGRET.

Why Choose Us

      • Professional; Updated Store with Employees that have a refreshing mind set.
      • Safe and Sterile; Industry Standards on Equipment and Medical Supplies.
      • Quality Work; Ahead of the curve tools of the trade along with innovative art.
      • Affordable; More bang for your buck that works with your budget.
      • Friendly and Honest; Staff is here for you, not your money! Our art and you are always first.